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Men’s and Ladies Major Singles

Posted on 13th August, 2020

What a day it started in brilliant sunshine with very little wind, for the first time the Finals of the Men’s Major Singles and the Ladies Major Singles was played on the same day and the spectators really appreciated watching two top class finals. The men’s final started off as expected with both Shannon and Martin content to try and out-draw each other and at the 10th end is was 8 all. By the 13th end Shannon was ahead 14 to 8, then everything started to change with Martin at the 20th end it was 17 all. Then as it had started both parties trading shots, this continued to the 31st end with the score being 25 all. Shannon then surged ahead, winning on the 39th end with 32-29. The Ladies final report will be given by their publicity officer. Allan...

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Major Men’s Singles Championship

Posted on 29th July, 2020

Finally we played the semi-finals of the Major Men’s Singles Championship and what a display the spectators witnessed – in the first semi-final Martin Gosper played Mick Pole after nine ends Martin lead 13 to 1. Then Mick got going and at the thirteen end Martin lead 13-6 , however then Martin put his foot down to lead at the twenty end lead 24-10 and the final score was Martin 31-10. The second semi-final was another display of  top bowling, as the first semi-final between Shannon White and Steve Pell and up to the nine end they were trading shots with the score being Steve leading 8-6  this continued until the Twenty Second end when Shannon lead 21-16 the winner being Shannon winning 31-20. Allan...

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Back To The Green

Posted on 7th July, 2020

Well finally we have gotten back to the green. In accordance with the Coronavirus Conditions 19, the Major Men’s Pairs Championship started and round one we saw the following results: G Nelson and R Peirce defeated J Hayden and M Abercrombie 19-18 P Schroeder and S Pell defeated Gray and J Milward 20-12 G Coleman  and B Walsh defeated D Stockman and B Kirby 22-11 D Ireland and M Pole defeated W Wilson and D Kessell 22-9 V McGlashan and G Robinson defeated A Hughes and K Simpson 19-18 I l Lawrence and B Dixon defeated B Salvia and J Davies 19-18 P Schroeder and S Pell defeated J Morse and S White 20-15 C Williams and  Williams defeated P McNally and B Lambert 18-11 B Wilson and M Gosper defeated D Hendrei and C Minter 26-12 M Bowd and T Coutts defeated D Swindail  and J Woodroff 27-15 McTaggart and R McMillan defeated G Taylor and N Spencer 21-20 T Rowe and J Morton defeated C Slater and R Northam 30-10 Hb Williams and B Taylor defeated Kreitmeier and J Perry 28-18 R Hofmeier and S Rattery defeated J Spurrett and B Sims 19-17 K McDonald and P Tanti defeated T Phibbs and A Sweeney 33-6 B Harris and E Packer defeated P Slater and P Fernandez 19-14 J Morse and S White defeated D Tull and J Bagnall 20-14 B Wilson and M Gosper defeated T Scroope and P Mackin 26-11 More results next week. The draw for the Major Men’s Singles is on the noticeboard. Please arrange you own marker. Thanks, Allan Hughes  ...

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