Men’s and Ladies Major Singles

Posted on 13th August, 2020

What a day it started in brilliant sunshine with very little wind, for the first time the Finals of the Men’s Major Singles and the Ladies Major Singles was played on the same day and the spectators really appreciated watching two top class finals.

The men’s final started off as expected with both Shannon and Martin content to try and out-draw each other and at the 10th end is was 8 all. By the 13th end Shannon was ahead 14 to 8, then everything started to change with Martin at the 20th end it was 17 all. Then as it had started both parties trading shots, this continued to the 31st end with the score being 25 all. Shannon then surged ahead, winning on the 39th end with 32-29. The Ladies final report will be given by their publicity officer.

Allan Hughes