Men’s Bowling Report for the 4th March 2017

Posted on 12th March, 2017

After Heat & Rain Delay the first round of the 2017 Men’s Major Pairs was played last Sunday with round one being played at 9.00am which saw the following results :
 Keeden McGuire & Dylan Riley defeated Ken McDonald & Paul Tanti
 Dennis Finn & Barry Lambert defeated John Davies & Mervyn Rowsell
 Les Wilmot &Harry Williams defeated Keith Walker & John Bagnall,
 Peter Miskell & Brian Collins defeated Steve Schneider & Arthur Douglas,
 Craig Jordon & Brian Gogarty defeated Ron Flaxman & Allan Hughes,
 Terry Scroope & Wayne Holland defeated Ken Brown & Garry Cracknell
 Steve Rattery & Peter Mackin defeated John Woodroff & Brian Grace,
 Phil Scott- Young & Jason Morse defeated Warren R Wilson & Colin Lambert
 John O’Keefe Ken Simpson defeated Evan Main & Anthony Coutts
 Jack Turner & Doug Kessell defeated Brian Harris & John Morton.

Round two was played the same day at 1.00pm with
 Neil Spencer & Bruce Walsh defeating Barrie Anderson & Laurie O’Toole
 Brian Wilson & Peter Barrett defeated Dennis Finn & Barry Lambert
Alby Dean & Don Beuzeville defeated Les Wilmot & Harry Williams
John Beach & Peter Schroeder defeated Graham Coleman & Peter Burgess
Peter Miskell & Brian Collins defeated Brain Sims & Barry Souz
Don Stockham & Bob Kirby defeated Craig Jordon & Brian Gogarty
John Lazarevich & John O’Malley defeated Terry Ryan & Geoff Robinson,
Terry Scroope & Wayne Holland defeated Chris Slater & David Sharrock,
Doug Coombes & Vic McGlashan defeated Steve Raffery & Peter Mackin,
Dave Ireland & Robbie Northam defeated Phil Scott- Young & Jason Morse,
Ray Peirce & Kevin Brand defeated Les Palmer & Norman Johnson,
John O’Keefe & Ken Simpson defeated Mark Griffis & Don McPherson
Dennis Tull & Allan Sweeney defeated Mark Churchill & Richard Bateson,
Jack Turner & Doug Kessell defeated Peter Holland & Greg Taylor.

Round 3 will be played Sunday 5th March at 1.00pm.

Entries for the Major Singles Championship is now closed, draw will be on the Notice board shortly. See the notice board for details.

Allan Hughes